Why are your prices so high?

Our prices actually aren't that high when you compare our laptops to models in the same class. Our Aon S1 is in the same class as the Dell XPS 13, Lenovo Thinkpad X1, and MacBook Pro. When you compare against these models, you will see our pricing is actually very reasonable, especially considering the fact that our Aon S1 has many advantages over these other models, including user-upgradeability, user-serviceability, and customizability. 

Also, it's important to note that unlike other laptop manufacturers that do final assembly in China, our laptops are built-to-order in the United States. This enables us to provide a much broader array of customization options compared to companies like Dell, Lenovo, and Apple, although at a higher cost. 

If we were to shift final assembly to China, we could cut our prices by roughly 10%, but this would limit us to offering only 5 or 6 configurations, similar to Razer. Even companies as large as Dell and Lenovo only offer around 30 configurations for their premium laptops. Our Aon S1, on the other hand, boasts 24,192 distinct configurations. And our Aon L1 boasts 32,256 possible configurations.

Furthermore, we offer the highest affiliate commission rates in our industry, at 10% per referral. Our affiliate program is designed to support open-source communities such as various Linux distributions, Linux-related websites, and YouTube channels, which is where the 10% is usually donated. 

Additionally, our entire support system is based in the US. Companies like Dell and Lenovo often outsource their support to countries like India. If we were to outsource our support to India, we could further lower our prices by 5%–10%. 

So to summarize, if we were to move final assembly to China, discontinue our affiliate program, which significantly benefits open-source projects, and outsource support to India, we could reduce our prices by 20%–25%.