Are the Wi-Fi and BT modules soldered to the motherboard on MALIBAL laptops or are they user-upgradeable?

In thin and light laptops, which are designed to be portable and sleek, space optimization is a critical factor. To achieve the desired compactness, manufacturers often choose to solder the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module directly onto the laptop's motherboard. This is a process where the module is permanently attached to the motherboard using a metallic bonding agent. 

This integration allows the device to maintain its slim profile and reduce its overall weight, enhancing portability. However, this design choice comes with a trade-off. If the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module fails or becomes obsolete, it cannot be easily replaced or upgraded by the user. Instead, it may require professional assistance, often resulting in the replacement of the entire motherboard, which can be an expensive and complex repair.

However, as part of our commitment to the Right to Repair Movement, the WI-FI and BT modules on all MALIBAL laptops are user-upgradeable.


Please add more info around the current devices socket type and current card!
rogueSF (6/28/2023 at 2:55 PM)