Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. We use a tiered commission system, so the more you sell the higher the commission rate. Current rates:

1-20 referrals: 10%
21-40 referrals: 11%
41-60 referrals: 12%
61-80 referrals: 13%
81-100 referrals: 14%
101+ referrals: 15%

Referral count starts over each month.

To sign up simply click HERE and create an account. Once you login to the affiliate area you will have instant access to your affiliate links, stats, payouts etc.

Please note: The username you create on signup will be your affiliate handle i.e., so choose it wisely. Don't use any trademarks in your username unless you own them.

By participating in the MALIBAL Affiliate Program you agree to the terms of use, which you can read HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to post your affiliate links publicly, as opposed to just giving them to your family and friends, you will need our approval, so don't post your affiliate links publicly without first contacting us and getting our approval.